January 12, 2016
Top 5 Digital Trends in 2016 You Should Know!
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digital trends 2016

“The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future.”

Eric Hoffer, an author, an American moral and social philosopher.

2016 seems to be the golden year for digital marketing. First, every brand needs to know how to optimize all potential digital platforms as part of an effective business solution in 2016. Whether if it’s about content development, social media, or conversion optimization, brands have to make sure that their strategies are specifically designed to cater the ever-changing interests of its target audience.

Our research, creative and media team have summed up the top 5 trends in business, content, technology and culture that will shape brands do business in 2016.

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1. Mobile Domination

How often do you check your mobile phones? How many mobile phones do you have? Ask a friend next to you with the same questions. We believe, nowadays, we check our mobile phones almost every second.

In 2016, mobile will become more important than ever compared to desktop browsing. Based on last year’s Google announcement, mobile website visitors had surpassed desktop website visitors in 10 different countries, and this will continue to increase. 90% of the demographic is becoming increasingly attached to their tablets and smartphones while lying on the couch or being stuck in the traffic.

If your website does not appear properly on smaller screens, users will simply exit. They have so many other options on their hands and they can quickly head to your competitor’s website.

A strong mobile functionality is vital to every brand. The same goes for mobile apps. This is no longer an option but a necessity for brands, as more consumers go mobile with their research and purchases.

Therefore, the first thing that we would recommend is to start working on using this limited screen space effectively, such as providing users with easy-to-read contents, easy-to-use calls to action, and easy-to-navigate around your website that can capture leads more effectively via mobile.


2. Social Media as a Search Engine

What’s next? Most brands work hard to establish and increase their domain authority and search engine rankings aside from mobile optimization. What is even more amazing than “googling” on social media and have an automatic visibility boost of your brand? As you might have been aware, Facebook and Instagram have recently introduced new search functions.

These new features will bring a more integrated social experience and buying process, as consumers will be able to purchase, share, and post in one place. Now, brands might need a social search optimization service that sits along with traditional SEO.


3. The rise of Ad Blocking, and why Content Remarketing becomes a solution

Basically, consumers are never happy with “hard-selling ads” on the internet. At the same time, we believe that brands need to spend their budget via digital media to maximize their business performance.

Apart from search engines, nowadays consumers are becoming more demanding. With the rise of ad blocking, it is clear that the consumers now have more powers to disconnect with marketers. This makes it even harder for marketers to reach its target audiences and easier for consumers to move on to the next best option.

Smart marketers will focus on consumer experience. This means, if brands truly want to engage its target audience and want to establish themselves as a leader in the industry, they will have to utilize a comprehensive content marketing strategy. The trick is to recapture viewers that went on your site, by retargeting them with not only traditional ads, but also showing them something awesome that can give recognition or recalls to your brand.


4. Boost Personalization, Consumer Experience, and Relationship Marketing

To adapt in 2016, brands will need to give consumers the answer they are looking for. Brands should understand more of what consumers seek and need. The opportunity to stay connected with your existing or even potential customers is more important now than ever. Relationship marketing is needed to drive more meaningful consumer experience, word-of-mouth promotions, and sales for your brand.

For example, Gojek has succeeded with this approach to improve their customer engagement and loyalty. Through Gojek App, consumers can now easily book “ojek” and track their drivers through a single dashboard. The app even now comes with new extensions: Go-food, Go-box, Go-mart Go-glam, Go-clean, Go massage, from delivering your groceries and favourite foods, to providing you a full-set of make up and help you get ready for special occassions.

As consumers are satisfied with your brand experience, let them be the best marketers for your brand in sharing how great your brand is to their peers.


5. Welcoming the Live Streaming Media Era (Online Video)

This trend will be among one of the hottest in 2016. As mobile connectivity and technology improves, such as 4G, consumers tend to actively seek, post, and share much more content on digital channels. Videos and live streaming online media are recently becoming more popular. Through this channel, brands can instantly share an experience with its target audience. Users can also comment on your videos and interact in real time. This can be useful for new product releases, live Q&A sessions, or even to promote a new movie through behind the scene previews.


Top 5 Digital Trends in 2016 That Every Brand Should Be Aware Of , by Growinc Indonesia


 We understand your business objective needs, and we provide your business solutions.

 At GrowInc, we understand that digital marketers need to adopt new trends and be agile to grab the attention and ever-changing interests of its customers.

Let’s chat about your 2016 plans and discuss how GrowInc Advertising Group can help you achieve your goals by combining an integrated digital strategy from our three business entities:

  • Non-Fiction, will give you deeper insights of current trends in the market through innovative research,
  • Growmint, will assist you in designing creative campaign ideas, and
  • AdLabs, will help you execute an effective, measured media performance.

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