FWD Life Indonesia Encourages Netizens To Liberate Their Steps


The Challenge

Fear, sickness, or even death.

That’s what insurance companies are always talking about. They keep telling us people to watch their “steps”. But instead, FWD Life Indonesia encourages them to liberate their steps by following their passion and setting them free from fear and worries.

By targeting the Indonesian passionate youths, it will raise the classic dilemmas between pursuing their dreams or finding secure jobs. We exist to interact with them through an integrated digital platform, and let them express their passionate stories. Our aim is to motivate them to live an un-doubtful life and initiate them to act upon it.


The Ideas

Launched in 2014, #BebaskanLangkah campaign became the pilot campaign that were used by FWD Life Indonesia to increase the local awareness. Now, #BebaskanLangkah had become one of the most influential act that encourages people to follow their dreams. This is the magic! People shared stories about dreams and passions via their social media accounts to us, and inspired others to follow their passion too.

Before we executed this campaign, most of Indonesians have the mindset that insurance companies always talk about fear, sickness, or even death. But, after we had done the #BebaskanLangkah campaign, and spread this on multiple digital channels, this mindset slowly but surely has been changed. Currently, many people became aware that there is an insurance company that encourages people to see their future without doubt of fear, sickness, or even death.

During the campaign, we integrated 5 influential digital channels in Indonesia. We used a microsite bebaskanlangkah.com as a main source of campaign. Then, we distributed the content on the website to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Kaskus (the biggest online forum in Indonesia). We also used guerrilla strategy, by distributing the content to target audience without them realizing that we were inviting them to do social movements. To make the campaign more integrated, we used one main keyword that was easy to remember, #BebaskanLangkah (liberate the step) in every channels when we distributed the content.

Last but not least! We followed the trends and issues that were shared and discussed by Indonesian people online. With this trend, we created the creative ideas (such as story, info-graphics, etc.) that was easier to be adopted by most Indonesian people. With unique creative content, we were able to distribute #BebaskanLangkah campaign easier. Resulted in another positive effect, other insurance companies also adopted our campaign concept to their social media assets.



Statistically, more than 300,000 people reached on Facebook in February 2015. The reach increased more than 33,9% compared to January 2015. The Facebook performance on #BebaskanLangkah campaign has been the most influential media among other social media assets that were used to spread #BebaskanLangkah campaign in February 2015. With this number, we knew that many people had a new experience on Life Insurance.

The campaign achieved the target goal! But the most important thing was that we helped more people to liberate their step and celebrate their life.


Project Details

  • Client : FWD Life Indonesia
  • Year : 2014
  • Duration :


  • Digital Integrated Activation

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