How We Built Digital Assets to Expand the Market Segment


The Challenge

Cooking trends today is not only done by the mothers in the kitchen. Nowadays, cooking also became a lifestyle in various segments of our society. Koepoe as a kitchen cooking spice brand wanted to be a part of the development trend of cooking. So how to expand the market segment of Koepoe through digital media platforms?



We utilized a variety of popular social media channels in Indonesia, then integrated all of them to a website. Currently, there is no website that facilitates amateur chefs and food-lovers in Indonesia. We generated traffic users who were integrated in social media to become a part of the platform



3,000++ people interacted on, as their cooking & food website platform. Koepoe gained a “soft” awareness as a brand that helps anyone to create delicious dishes. A combination of Google Display Network, social media activity, mobile and ambient advertising had led people to visit


Project Details

  • Client : KoePoe (PT Anggana Catur Prima)
  • Year : 2014 - 2015
  • Duration :


  • Digital Campaign
  • Microsite
  • Social Media

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Digital Campaign, Microsite, Social Media, Works
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