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Growmint is a fast growing creative digital agency,
focused on continuously improving brands and businesses performance through an integrated digital plan.

We combine scientific and creative approach using knowledge, data, design, technology, and behaviour
to measure business sustainability in this digital era.

We believe as a partner, we need to walk hand-in-hand with our clients for the whole industry to sustain.

Digital is an effective medium, and we understand that each digital platform has their own characteristics. We know what works best for your brands to connect with your target audience.
Campaign & Strategy
We bake comprehensive digital marketing campaigns based on deep market intelligence and consumer research, as well as current trends that shape the future digital era
To improve the strategy process, we always test and transform ideas into creative concepts to provide the most suitable business solution for your brands.
Social Media
Social media is not only a place to post, comment, and share contents! Social media can also become an effective tool to re-connect, interact, engage, and build meaningful relationships with your target audience.

Past Projects

We make ideas work and create a better business performance for your brands.

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Digital Campaign, Microsite, Social Media, Works
Digital Campaign, Microsite, Social Media, Works
Digital Integrated Activation
Social Media Activity, Social Media Maintenance

Our Clients


We know that insights are always helpful. We write simple blogs and deliver current news updates to help you catch up with the latest digital trends. Let's learn and improve the business together.

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May 12, 2020

Stats assignment help are found in many different resources Listed below are 3 resources that can support you. Time and area – Consider time and space to help you. Do the reading you are able to custom essays online find out that which is prior to you and also what is behind you personally. Utilize […]

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April 24, 2020

Mind Science for Mentalists is one of the novels I wish I had understood about when I began looking for a livelihood like a”mentalist” – which is, a person who performs tricks on stage or television, and also that believes he’s got special powers. In case you are a real life”mentalist” (or a point magician), […]

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March 2, 2020

Probably one of the absolute most frequent issues faced with any high school student is that of having an essential thinking fiction. The class is going to be given to students who are not so knowledgeable about density definitions. The solution should be known by the student and be in a position to do an […]

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Curious About Growmint?

We are medium sized local digital agency. We know the Indonesian
market inside and out!


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